07 December, 2009

'Sacred Code' in India, the new film on the trail of Sanskrit

While Rome and Venice, the teaser of the new film by Jordan River was surprised for 3D, music, sound and photography, in the land of Mahatma Gandhi is prepared instead to talk to great souls with the soul sound that pulses insideimage. Just as in the sacred texts of Hindu literature of the second century BC, in which the uniqueness of the text is that no indication is given of an abstract God, so in the movie the book is not sacred code of dead letter, but becomes hero - provided that it also becomes the reader's, a very ancient text, which speaks in first person and the third millennium, man provides the key to overcome, through love and its ultimate destruction.

The film is scheduled for the end of next year in theaters around the world, but the director wanted to implement in the preview, the viewing of some of the early scenes.

The screening of the teaser will be held in New Delhi (India) on Sunday December 13th at Indian International Centre at 4,40 p.m.

During the presentation there will be a diplomatic agent for the production account for business meetings and co-production of the film.

Special thanks: Italian Institute of Culture, Regione Lazio, Sviluppo Lazio, Indian International Centre

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